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Museum der Dinge

The Museum of Things is a little diamond in the rough exhibit space for all things…well…thing-ish.

My friend, Samantha, took me there.  Here are some fotos I took.

Kreuzberg, Berlin

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I Have so Much Admiration for Architects

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A House in Cadeira, Spain, on the northeast corner of the Iberian peninsula.

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I Just Got one of These Teapots

It is a cast iron teapot (also known as a ‘Tetsubin’). Not only does water from it taste mellow and sweet, but the teapot also builds up a natural mineral layer that gives you added health benefits as a result of the iron content.

Plus the tea is really tasty :).

Teapot from Teavana

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BANG for Men

The new ad campaign for Marc Jacobs cologne BANG reminds me of Tom Ford’s cologne ad from a few years ago…

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love Mara Hoffman

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Only one more month of summer 😦

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I’m Obsessed

Photo courtesy of Daily Puppy

Photo Courtesy of Daily Puppy

Photo courtesy of Daily Puppy

Photo courtesy of Daily Puppy

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