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Excuse my absence for a few days.

The reason:

Aesop, Toy Poodle. 13 weeks. In love.

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Lauren Tennenbaum is Serious about Shoes. (In)Decorous Taste

Lauren Tennenbaum is a Fashion and Interior Designer and all-around Artist.

She says:

“Curiosity got the best of me, and what started out as my tearing apart those lucite monster wedges that you know I loved to death in all their tack-tasticness, lead to 3234023945234 hours of research and birthed this obsessive experiment in making a luxe-ified stripper heel without having (yet) acquired a last, or at the time, knowledge of shoe construction.”

You can read about her making them and see pictures of the process here.

Found via NotCot.

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America in Color from 1939-1943

Check out some of these pics from this site that my friend just sent me. The photos were taken by Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information photographers, and they are some of the only photographs that captured the effect of the Depression in rural or small towns. All photographs are now property of the Library of Congress.


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Bow Tights


Coat from Topshop, Tights from River Island


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Frilling and Thrilling

I absolutely adore Australian-based designer Gillian Tennent’s new line of frilly, flirty, feminine clothing.


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This ring is so sick.

By Obey. Found via Nylon. $64.

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Bombay Bicycle Club – Rinse Me Down

turning your head

to mine instead

gave me the eyes

burning like light

(P.S. Check out the guy in the bear costume in the background.)

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