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We Are Hunted

I didn’t blog about this a few months ago when I first discovered it because I felt like I was already late to the game. Jay pointed out to me that I only think that because I live my life on the internet. So check it out: We Are Hunted collects the 99 most popular emerging songs online every day by aggregating music from blogs, forums, P2P networks, Spotify, and various other social media platforms, accessing trends that most music charts can’t/don’t. You can favorite songs to add them to your chart, and can purchase a song by clicking on the arrow.

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Helmut Lang Pre-Fall 2011

Svelte +

Asymmetric +


See the rest of the collection here.

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Lindsey Thornburg Cloaks

I could seriously use one of these right now as I sit here staring out the window at the grey skies and pile of snow on the terrace. Absolutely gorgeous cloaks by Lindsey Thornburg at Bona Drag.

Photos by Olivia Malone

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Alexander Wang Resort 2011

Alexander Wang’s Resort 2011 Accessories collection is the perfect mix of his classic studded and shiny leather mixed with the aesthetic of the future: comfort and convenience. The over the shoulder bags have a piece of soft leather on the strap so as not to rub your skin, and they’re nice and roomy so you can still hold your whole life in it as we ladies tend to do. The shoes have thick straps and velcro, making them both comfy + convenient to run out the door in. Somehow, none of these items have lost their fierce Wang-ness.

OB.SESSED with the dark red leather.

via AlexanderWangDotCom

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Lykke Li “Get Some” (Beck remix)

I don’t know how wrong you can go when one of my favorite artists of all time remixes a song of one of my favorite current artists. Love this song as it is and the remix has been amazing background music for me while unpacking all the boxes in my new apartment!!

“Mr Hansen’s vision indicates his proximity to those two Sunset Boulevard institutions, glam metal and loose coyotes.”

-Peter Macia

via The Fader


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Proenza Schouler Pre-Spring 2011

I am dying for Proenza Schouler’s Pre-spring 2011 collection. Any high fashion designer who can turn a hemp poncho into something I would be willing to shovel out my bank account for is Number 1 in my book, which PS has been, for a long time. Those suede shorts are an incredible find to pair with lacy black tights or chunky knee socks until the weather starts to warm up, when you can lose the hosiery and turn the shorts into something totally different by pairing them with a loose tank and open-toe wedges.

And those satchels are just way too marvelous. I have one green purse in my collection and its been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Absolutely head over heels for that yellow one, too.

Shop the collection here.

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I haven’t heard of this place (although I have been to their location on the LES) but after seeing these pictures of the interior I’m making it a priority to go soon. The walls are a photograph of books on shelves, and it looks like its laying on its side. GL trying to get a seat in there though…

(Lexington and 42nd)

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The Naked and Famous – Girls Like You

A neat little video by Special Problems for “Girls Like You” by The Naked and Famous

“Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali draw on their combined backgrounds in graphic design, fine art, film and music to present unique creative concepts, always inspired by the subject.” -TNAF

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