This is the one single item from Alice + Olivia’s Fall Collection that I would love to wear. Although I usually find Alice + Olivia absolutely charming, I really didn’t like their Fall 2011 Collection. In some ways, I feel like the aesthetic of their line (Girly, Frilly, and Feminine all come to mind) is just an aesthetic that isn’t trendy right now. Women (and men) are moving more and more towards androgynous looks, and fashion is no longer about showing off your femininity, your body, or your beauty, but instead it is about personal style, comfort, convenience, and even practicality. Hence blogs such as, oh, I don’t know…The Man Repeller? And hence trends such as:

Baggy Trousers + Harem Pants

Pleated Maxi Skirts

Loose-Fit Crop Tops

Lace Up Shoes (Both summer + Winter – better protection for the ankles!)

Cape Coats + Parkas

One Piece Bathing Suits

But the shape of everything in A+O’s Fall 2011 collection, with the exception of a token pair of trousers and one or two tops, seems outdated to me. Maybe its because my personal style has changed (as it tends to often). Or maybe it is outdated. What do you think?

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