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The Earth is on Fire

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay into her right now.  Awesome music, fabulous taste in fashion, and completely gorgeous. How can you not love her? Follow her here!

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Something tastes different, Maybe its my tongue

This song has been on repeat in my iTunes for the past 48 hours. Ingrid Michaelson is an awesome female singer-songwriter from NY. You’ve probably heard some of her music – its been in a bunch of tv shows (Scrubs,  Bones, Grey’s Anatomy) + ad campaigns (Old Navy’s Fair Isle). Anyways if you haven’t downloaded her other music yet, you should! Enjoy.

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Little Comets | Joanna

Discovered this song via We Are Hunted and I am loving the music video for it. Every woman in this video’s real name is Joanna.

Now out for @thepatriotlives’ birthday!

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Telekinesis | Dirty Thing


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Two Door Cinema Club | Kids

talk talk talk
don’t you know where you wanna go
start something new
don’t you know where you wanna go
what did i teach you that money didn’t know
what have you learned of how far it goes
they’re not kids you know

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Toro y Moi | Still Sound

“Still Sound” from “Underneath The Pine” available February 22!

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Lykke Li / I Follow Rivers


Lykke Li/I follow Rivers

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MNDR / Cut Me Out

Quickly becoming a big fan of North-Dakotan turned Oaklandite (Oaklander?) turned New Yorker duo MNDR (pronounced “mandar”).  Their tracks are dancy and melodic.  The duo consists of Amanda Warner and Peter Wade. You might recognize Amanda’s voice from Mark Ronson and the Business Intl.’s song “Bang Bang Bang” from Record Collection.

The best part? You can download the song for free Green Label Sound! So dooooo it.

Photo of Amanda Warner by Ysa Perez.

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