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Those of you who live in NYC  and find yourself wandering around Soho more often than you should may have noticed a little sign that says ‘KIOSK’ with a pink neon arrow pointing into a doorway, right next to mini-cupcake window Baked by Melissa (where you also MUST go if you haven’t been). I’ve always noticed the sign, but never knew what Kiosk was and never went up.   The doorway leads to a long stairway which leads to a long hallway, in which the first door on the right is a little exhibition space and store called Kiosk.  It reminds me a lot of the Museum of Things , but all the items are for sale and the exhibitions are specially curated by the owners, who travel around the world for at least half the year, and then feature items they found at KIOSK for 4-6 months.








From their website:

“KIOSK is a travel story depicted through objects, a collection of interesting things from around the world, a study of material culture, a shop, several people’s efforts to preserve unique and indigenous objects, an installation, maybe just something other than what we are used to. At KIOSK we feature the things that generally go unnoticed, products that are the result of local aesthetics and needs. Our motivation is to give attention to these anonymous objects and support independent producers.”


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Museum der Dinge

The Museum of Things is a little diamond in the rough exhibit space for all things…well…thing-ish.

My friend, Samantha, took me there.  Here are some fotos I took.

Kreuzberg, Berlin

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